Called Nature EP - WUDG1

by Oscar Mulero



In this exceptional panorama music should not stop, that’s what we do and how we express ourselves here. No matter the situation we start a new Warm Up Digital series premiered exclusively on Bandcamp, and this Mini Ep from no one than the label’s boss Oscar Mulero is the Rossetta Stone.

Two cuts of adrenaline infused techno, direct, with roundabouts starting with Nature. Starting with all the elements up, the core sounds are soon joined by an agressive hi hat line that mutates continuously as the beats go by. Flanged, filtered, processed sequences fight with each other in a wisely designed timeline.

Second cut, No devotion follows similar paths, with an electrified synth sequence running from the very first bar swinging over shuffled bassdrums and spiced with detailed microsequences. No breakdowns, no obvious drops, no drones ...just nerve.


released May 1, 2020


all rights reserved


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