Planetarium LP - WU58d

by Divide

Parsec 05:18
Punto ω 05:21
Punto γ 05:17
Declinazione 06:10
Coordinate 05:33
Cassiopea 05:03
Antares 05:18
Galileo 05:49
Centaurus 05:32
Andromeda 05:32
Nube 05:52
Alfa Persei 05:36


This is the first long distance trip in our digital branch, showcasing a complete album by Divide who is the alias of Davide from the Italian Syntaxism duo. In this body of work comprised of 13 tracks, you can find almost every colour in the techno sound palette, from the ambient intro Parsec to the equally soundscaped last track Alfa Persei. In between these two relaxed pieces there is a galore of beats and synths.

The album grows logically, building up as a whole opera. Punto_ω evolves from a relentless groove spiced with FM bells and resonant bleeps to the solid and slow paced Sfera Celeste, almost dubby, with subtle synth melodies in jazzy scales.

Punto_γ starts to bring things directly to danceable territories in a complex synth crescendo. Followed by Declinazione, with random sequences and tight 909 drum workout. Asymmetrical notes blend to each other giving this chaos feeling that sure dj’s like Jeff Mills will love and play.

Coordinate follows in similar parameters, alien like melodies and arpeggios over a shuffled beat, complex and always evolving. Cassiopea runs in similar parameters, but with a more aggressive sound approach.

Antares introduces distortion and harshness and acts as a powerful tool as well as the twisted Galileo, elastic and gummy but still powerful.

Centaurus boosts the high frequencies in the beginning as the rest of the elements build from below, the kick appears after a few bars putting all groove in context as the mechanical synth lines take over.

Andromeda is made of fat drums and resonant craziness spiced with wise handled distortion and Nube reminds us the best moments of solid nineties techno: hi BPM, well cooked chords and 909.

A great and detailed work that showcases the skills of this producer, aside from the currently degraded pseudo rave invasion. Again music from the future made today.


released November 22, 2019

Planetarium LP

1. Parsec
2. Punto ω
3. Sfera Celeste
4. Punto γ
5. Declinazione
6. Coordinate
7. Cassiopea
8. Antares
9. Galileo
10. Centaurus
11. Andromeda
12. Nube
13. Alfa Persei


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